Homemade Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for the ultimate stocking stuffer, you’ve come to the right place. I make both of the stocking stuffers below in my woodworking shop.

The Wine Cork Trivet comes without wine corks. You easily customize it with your own corks.

The small Wine Cork Trivet on the left holds 32 corks. I also make a double-wide trivet that holds 64 corks.

Single Wine Cork Trivet


(Or 3 for $50.00)

Double-Wide Cork Trivet


(Or 3 for $65.00)

My Salad Tossers are another great addition to any kitchen. They can be used for not only tossing salads, but also for stir fry and for serving all sorts of pasta.

$7.00 a pair

Orders can be placed by calling:


Ask for Dale.